Frequent monitoring of the bioavailable dose of therapeutic drug is of high importance for drugs with side effect or potential toxicity. We are designing SPR and LSPR sensors for the detection of chemotherapy agents, hormones and antibiotics, and for monitoring the response of patients to leukemia treatments.

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Biomedical Sensing

Cancer biomarker detection

Cell secretion monitoring

Cancer diagnostics often requires the detection of proteins or other molecules in human biofluids. We are designing rapid and sensitive detection methods based on SPR sensing for the detection of cancer proteins, in particular for prostate specific antigen (PSA), a marker of prostate cancer.

Monitoring molecules secreted by cells remains a contemporary challenge of analytical sciences. We are developing a novel technique of optophysiology based on SERS measurements on the tip of a nanopipette. In this technique, we are measuring the presence of cellular metabolites, of neurotransmitters or other important molecules in the life cycle of cells in the close proximity of cells. The technique is capable of monitoring molecules with high temporal and spatial resolution.

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Therapeutic drug monitoring